Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What I am reading now

I had written this post only a few days ago and send out on my House and Living part of the blog. I realize more and more that this blog part has become the "forgotten garden"... Since I feel this is such a wonderful book I decided to re-post it today. Now I can report that I have finished it and it held me captive until the very last minute!
I wish somebody would take on the task to make a movie out of it!


Lately, with winter upon us I love to read more and hang out next to the fire place, after all the day's work is done.
I can hear my daughter singing upstairs, my son playing guitar and my husband still working next door on his computer. The dog cozies up next to me, expecting a neck rub and perhaps a treat and then I curl up on the couch and open my book! Heavenly moment! Well, until the familiar Maamaaa! call is heard from upstairs....

Last year I had read Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden and when The Distant Hours came out a couple of month ago I could not wait to find the right moment to begin with it! The immensely gifted young writer, Kate Morton, a native Australian, lives in Brisbane with her family.
Her first book The House at Riverton is still on my list. I like to tease myself...Another long winter is ahead!


So that's where I am now: An old English castle, family secrets and a young heroine, a wonderful recipe for a tale which has me in it's grip way later then my usual bedtime....I have been captured by the castle...
I found Kate Morton's website and check out this fabulous trailer to her new book!

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton from Pan Macmillan on Vimeo.

So if you are in with me for a mystery with all the trimmings, go ahead, find a reading nook, get comfortable and open the first page!


PS: Click on the book titles to go to Amazon to shop!

And: There is still time until tomorrow! Do not forget to sign in for my give away here!

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  1. Oh, thank you for the suggestion Victoria! I know someone else who was reading this book and she said it was wonderful...sounds like I need to promptly check it out! Love that video too. So creative and mysterious.:)


  2. H.H., you wont be disappointed! Also I liked The Forgotten Garden very much! Perfect bedside read! xo

  3. The winter holiday is fantastic for catching up on reading. I picked up my copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland yesterday and started reading it. I've always meant to but never did it. And your recommended book is on my long list of "Books to Read"!

    Thanks for your wonderful comment. Yes, I passed and it's a great feeling. I've also been extremely tired and taking naps all the time (I never take naps!). I think the stress and long nights have caught up to me!

  4. Ahh..it's good to be back. That first image is just what I need. So pretty. Frohe Weihnachten, Victoria! To you and your fam.

  5. I love a book referal from other women! Best wishes to you for a very Happy Holiday!


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