Friday, December 3, 2010

Refresher course

I love to change things around a bit. Of course after 10 years of living in our house I feel I have tried almost any possible configuration, but somehow I squeeze in small changes. This time in our family room. The space is not large, a bit of an awkward shape. I have a desk there from where all my work is done and we have a library and our TV too. And a comfortable sofa with a leftover chair from our living room.


There has never been a great space for a coffee table, since my family is a utterly comfortable one and needs legs up while watching...a red ottoman belongs to that big red chair. What to do?
For a while I had a hand -me - down from a friend, but it is heavy and I am not in love with it... On the other hand I have a collection of smallish tables all over the place, rather homeless.
So I pushed and shuffled pieces around and came up with a solution. The table potpourri!

And since then all seem to be happy, having snack tables at the ready, easy to move out of the way when in need for floor space and cute enough to make a lovely display! The small white tray table is from CB2.

Looking at it from all angles I think I like it... for a while.

The heavy side table found a home under the window, now that the dinosaur of a wall air conditioner is finally removed.
A lamp, moved from the living room, casts a lovely light at night.

I found extra space to have my magazines sorted, without having them clutter the floor....

I sorted out the books...

And btw. this map of the United States has helped my middle schoolers greatly to improve their geography knowledge. No need to always run to the computer, we have little competitions right there!!! We've had it here for three years now. A world map hangs in our dining room...

Feels good now!

Do you move things around? It always satisfies my urge for a fresh look and I realize I can do this without spending extra bucks!!!
Because I will need them for Santa!!!

Happy weekend!

Pictures all by V.Zlotkowski


  1. I love what you did with the snack tables! So clever! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  2. Those snack tables look as if they are ready to dance!
    Lovely little refreshers can instantly make one feel so happy!

  3. so organized! I want that look but unfortunately I'm a bit of a book piler, junk collector and things tend to wig out a bit around here. Have to spend some time getting it together. I like the little tables but I'm sure my husband would quickly veto such a grouping. He has strong opinions on groupings!

  4. Yes, I got your e mail. I responded right away. I will see if I have time to resend it before we leave so see our son and family. If not I will do it later in the month.
    My parents have a smoking man/Santa that they used to get out every year. But because Mom has breathing issues she has not wanted it out the past few years. I need to see where it is stored and see if she will let me have it as Kelsey and Hannah always liked it. I always thought it was fun. They got it on a Europe trip 25 - 30 years ago. I noticed yours in a recent picture.

    Happy Holidays!!!

    P.S. Your home is full of fun!

  5. I looks wonderful. Christmas is a fabulous opportunity for me to move things around a bit. I bring in three trees, so I sort of have to!

  6. i love all those book lined shelves in your living room! and the map too! great great new look sweetie! i usually just change the pillow covers and curtains when i need to change the look of my rooms :)

  7. It always amazes me how you can change just a couple of things in a room and it completely transforms the mood of the space. The tables look fabulous! Your bookcases look lovely too.:)


  8. I love it! You did a fabulous job, so fresh and very warm and inviting! XX!

  9. Oh! the little tables match your desk now! Oh my the books. I love books and your bookshelf makes me want to just grab a book and curl up on that couch!


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