Thursday, September 13, 2012

A mixed bag

Budleia in Beaumont

Still returning to the realities at hand, my mind consists right now of a mixed bag of things.... Many, half digested impressions, inspirations and the somewhat overwhelming feeling to loose things in the crowd of it all. So, as always, I take pictures, to remind me, to smile, to inspire myself and I thought perhaps you might like them too!
There is so much going on right now, that looking back only two weeks ago seems a luxury!

I found these treasures above still in France, in a small but deliciously stylish shop in Montpazier!
Retro design is a big part of French decorating and thinking of it, I could not resist these little treasures curbside yesterday!

They have the typical musty smell about them, I do not mind it, but they will get a good scrubbing and then perhaps a little mending too. Not to much, I love the patina.

I still look at the clouds, and the creatures about, the things, which go unnoticed so easily....

How glorious is this? These are sights, which bring me back from any worries and pull me in, make me happy and grounded!

Yesterday, waking up early, I went downstairs to prepare breakfast and looking outside my window I could not believe my eyes.

I had to run to find the camera, hoping he would not take off before I could capture him....I was a little shaky though!

Hunting for good things I also looked through the bookstore nearby, hoping to find something inspiring. Of course I did! Here are my finds.

I hope you'll find something to inspire you as well! 
Happy weekend, I know, a little early, but time flies!


All pictures by V.Zlotkowski


  1. You always have such wonderful things up your sleeve. Love your past, present and future things.....An eagle means good things. That was an eagle or was it a hawk. What a stunning creature.
    Enjoy all those great books and lovely treasures.

  2. I believe it's a hawk. I see these regal birds a lot around here. I've seen them hunting
    at twilight. I am so glad, they have not been driven away by civilization.

  3. How wonderful you were able to capture a picture of the Hawk! I agree, must be a good omen.



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