Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another year ahead....

...And I am so thankful for everything life has given me until now. Everything I experience today has had unlikely beginnings and if you would have told me on any early birthday where my life would be 20, 30 or 40 years from then, I would have smiled and shaken my head, impossible! 
And yet, as I got older, things aligned themselves around me in the most unpredictable ways. Now I feel, I am, perhaps for the first time, truly in charge of myself, discovering without fears what I want to do in life, after many trials and errors I have come to the conclusion that worldly things are wonderful attributes, but rather less important.
My deepest satisfaction comes from the love I can give and receive daily from my family and friends, the support I am getting in fulfilling my dreams of creating and writing and the health I enjoy and try to maintain, the world around me to explore!
Things, which can hardly be measured, things I carry in my heart and mind, things which flood me with happiness! 
To be connected and to share some of my ideas and dreams here on this blog is a big part of it.
I am deeply grateful!

xoxo Victoria

Image by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Victoria,
    I find that a grateful heart grows with wisdom and experience.
    You my dear are one of the most beautiful and vibrant people I know with such an attitude full of gratitude. This year will be an incredible year for you. Create new paths....and leave no stone undone.
    May I join you....
    Happy Birthday beautiful friend. I found a shiny penny today so I made a wish in your honor~

  2. Hello Victoria:
    Birthdays are occasions when one does tend to reflect on the past, the present and the future. They are turning points in life and make one take stock of the meaning of life itself.

    This post is so touching.We do try to give thanks each day for the many blessings and happiness which we enjoy in life but often the sheer pace of daily living means one is apt to forget. This is a timely reminder to give those thanks.

    It all sounds as if you have reached a point where you are creatively fulfilled in what you do. That is a very special place to be!May the year ahead be filled with joy!

  3. Happy Birthday Victoria... may the year ahead be full of happiness, joy... laughter and light... Gratitude and contentment are wonderful virtues.. and these you have in abundance... Good luck with all your projects and again, enjoy your celebration... xv

  4. Hello Victoria

    This is a beautiful and grateful post. Your priorities are wise and make so much sense. Wishing you continued success in your writing

    Helen xx

  5. Happy Birthday Victoria!! I came over from PVE. I love birthdays. I even pass out treats on my day. Just ask Patricia. ;) may the year ahead grant all the happiness possible and golden memories. xo

  6. Happy birthday! I came over from pve also. Reading back in your posts I see we could have crossed paths I France. We were in Le Roque the same time in August. Love the place. We had balloons overhead everyday. It sure was hot tho!

  7. Thank you all for your kind wishes! I am so moved by you all taking the time to stop by and say hello!


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