Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back home?

At Jardin de Marqueyssac

Chateaux Marqueyssac

Chateaux Marqueyssac

I have to admit, for a long time this has not happen to me, but this time it did: I wanted not to return home...
I have fallen deeply in love again with the French country side, the  Bastide Beaumont du Perigord, where we stayed, Bergerac and Bordeaux.... the Dordogne valley and castles, the farmhouses open for dinner.....the many people we met and their stories, all grew so dear to me, to the point of feeling extremely comfortable and at home.

"Our" home in Beaumont du Perigord

The house we had rented added to the incredible charm and it's a dangerous thing to be so happy away from home.
There is of course always the 'old home' factor. Having been born and raised in Europe, there are countless things which are dear to me and irreplaceable. Having lived in the States for about twenty years has mellowed it all a bit, but it's a bit like riding a bike, even if you haven't done it for years, it comes back in a flash.... you never loose the ability....

View from Castelnaud

There is something about the old world of Europe. Something is in my blood and my genes too, I feel even clothes, I buy there, fit me better....

Well, here I am, back, and getting into the rhythm of things, forgive me, it has only been three days since our return. I still want to say merci and au revoir...

Market in Isseygeac

I am surely not the only one having felt this way, there were many ex-pats, we have met in "our" small little town, in which we stayed, people from Australia, England, America, now at home in that lovely corner of France, the Perigord region, southwest in France, deep country, filled with plum orchards, sunflowers, wine and walnuts, ducks and geese....

Chateaux Banne

Maybe, one day, I will return eventually or at least spend some months there, exploring all I have left behind undiscovered....But then, it might happen elsewhere too, the urge to explore and put down a few roots in yet unknown places. I am a traveller, there is no denying it.
I am restless in that sense and to move on has been a longtime way of life for me. So many times I had to adjust and to recalculate my life. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by force. And it has become second nature. Maybe I have lost the ability to be truly home again in one place.

Small street in Beaumont

And now here I am...among people who are my friends and who make me feel at home.
The happiness of elsewhere is also an illusion...

Doorway in Beaumont

Here I am, in our house, which is my castle....Filled to the brim with memories and soon I will be content again.
But not just yet.

Window in Beaumont

I am glad for school has begun and provides the needed rhythm, the order I can hang on to, the work for which I am grateful and the things, which need to be taken care of. The dog has been so happy to be reunited with us and the garden cries out for my hands. Our friends have been welcoming and so kind, I have been gone for a while, it needs more then a few days to come back...

Looking out for news in L'Abbey St.Avit

I am returning.... home! Filled with insights and outlooks....Windows and doors of my imagination.

All images by V.Zlotkowski copyright 2012.


  1. Hello Victoria

    And a warm welcome back to North America.

    You time and accommodation in this exquisite corner of France must have been precious. I understand only too well what you say when you say "you are a traveller" .We may have been separated at birth, as I have felt exactly as you do. I believe in being faithful in marriage but to a country I just could not choose one and the sparks continue to fly each time I visit somewhere new.
    Give yourself time and allow yourself to keep the memories in your heart.


  2. Bonjour Victoria,
    I understand you completely and that re-entry can often be so hard to leave such carefree and luxurious simplicities behind to return to everyday tasks. Take time to settle in and perhaps a chateaux will come to you.....in your future.
    Lovely images and words.
    Certainly, you could make your home wherever you go and you left a bit of you behind there for sure in those you said bonjour, merci and au revoir to.

  3. Hello Victoria:
    What, of course, we are so very happy to learn is that you have had such a wonderful time in France in a region which, from our own travels there, is especially beautiful. And yes, we can so readily identify with all that you say about 'belonging' in Europe. For ourselves we feel much the same and can never quite see ourselves living elsewhere. But it is always there for you to return to.

  4. My dear Victoria, Hello. Welcome back!! It's an heartfelt post. You brought a ray of sunshine into my life with your stories about your holiday. I haven't been on holiday this year as I've been frightfully busy after moving house. So, hearing about your holiday is like taking a mini holiday for me virtually. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I think I'm slighly francophile (I love their art & literature and they are very aesthetic nation). Just by looking at your photograph, it proves how beautiful this country is...a little bit of heaven on earth...I think I feel a bit consoled everytime I look at my holiday photographs during the period of dark, long winter months. Or I would plan what kind of place I would like to go for my next holiday. The thought cheers me up.

    It definitely keep our engine going by reminding ourselves good happy days we spend together with our loved ones. While we might have changed with the years, the happy memories of good holidays are still the same...I still remember my beautiful holidays with my family from my very younger days just as the same...I hope that we'll always have enough luminous colours in our hearts to treasure these happy memories because it helps us to unwind and such moments are so few in our hectic pace of modern life.

  5. You all must me think ungrateful, I am sorry, we have touched the ground running and my time has been split in million little pieces...
    Now I slowly return to inner peace and harmony to find my way to answer comments, read your delightful posts and just be grateful for it all!
    Thank you!


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