Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding things

I love finding or discovering things, sidewalk treasures or phone apps, books, hidden gems in nature and little treasure, shops, nobody seems to have been to before me.... (These are really hard to find LOL)
So this is a little potpourri of a post, with a little bit of  this and that. Enjoy!

I found these on the street:

In fairly good condition and with only some dust to be removed and perhaps some fixing of the lining....
I love to think of fun ways to use them, I'll keep you posted! 

I like these iPhone apps, which are fun and useful:

Flash light, free, turns your phone flash to a flash light as long as you keep it on.

Panorama picture, free, lets you take clever panorama pictures, easy and great for interiors or landscapes.

Paper by Fifty Three, free, a notebook, diary, for drawing, writing, sketches....

Skype, free, what would I do without it? Free (video) phone around the world...cell phones and land lines.

There are many more, depending on your life style, it's easy to google the latest apps within seconds.

Books are my all time favorites.... I can read anytime! There are also plenty of apps for readers, free, like iBook,
NOOK and Kindle for iPhone and iPad. GO READ!

I recommend William Davis' "The Wheat Belly" an eye opening book about what hybridization and cross breeding has done to wheat and how, unfortunately, it effects us today.

It contains easy recipes to try wheat free and healthier eating.

I also love the wonderful and engaging style of Richard Dawkin's "The Magic of Reality". The bestselling author and evolutionary biologist takes a broader approach and uses his unrivaled explanatory powers to illuminate the ways in which the world really works.
This is a great gift for teens everyone with a healthy dose of curiosity.

For lovers of Kate Morton's books, like me, comes a new page turner out in October: "The Secret Keeper". I am waiting rather impatiently....

And then, of course there is the new book by J.K. Rowling...9/27/12, three more days... "The Casual Vacancy". 

As for the tiny shops, I could give you some, but then again, soon these would not be so special anymore....and you would perhaps like to discover them all by yourself...

OK, I am also talking online and one of the sweetest places I have found is the Persephone bookstore, which is real enough in London and which publishes a sheer treasure trove of literature, often neglected over the years and pulled from obscurity to the de-light of readers everywhere. They just mailed the catalog to me and now I am making a list....
The name Persephone is such wonderful fitting one for a publishing house, her being the Greek goddess of vegetation and connected with spring and harvest alike. 
A daughter of Demeter and Zeus, she was later kidnapped by Hades and lived in the Underworld...Maybe some Mythology reading would be lovely for long winter nights?

 I also discovered a blog/shop called Mr. Finch, a textile artist I recommend highly to follow. Being most creative and it is a pleasure to see his creations.

These and his moths and bugs are most theatrical and I love these fantastically and yet so realistic creations.

That's all for now....I am running out of ink!

Wait, one more, check out who was looking around the other day across the street? 


Images via Amazon, Google  and by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Hello Victoria:
    Well, all we can say is that if the vintage suitcases were on a street near you then you clearly live on a street like no other we have ever known or lived on!!!They are wonderful and can surely, with your creative mind, be put to no end of uses around the home, that is if they are not to be used as suitcases.

    We have so enjoyed reading this serendipity of a post as we too love to discover new treasures in unexpected places. Perhaps we are nosey?

  2. My dear Victoria, thank you so much for your recommendation. Your list of books to read is very interesting one. I LOVE Persephone booksshop in London too. My former boyfriend took me there a few years ago as he knew that I would love such bookshops. It reminds me of little old fashioned bookshops in Cheltenham, Winchester and Windsor. I can't resist when I see the bookshop like this. It is dangerous for me as I would come out with an armful of books. I adore the vintage suitcases you found on the street. They remind me of a bygone era where glamorous people travel in style. Lastly but not least, my belated birthday wishes to you and may god grant you every happiness, good health and all the love in the world. Best wishes, ASD

  3. Victoria there is just so much to adventure really!! Love your suitcase finds!!

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Velvet Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena


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