Saturday, November 3, 2012

The beauty of plain

There is such beauty in plain design. I strive for it and although the reality in my home betrays my ideals ( I still collect and it shows) I adore the simplicity. In my dream home I'd live reduced and plain. 
Like so, found at the interesting blog 

And I do love how the photographer  portrayed himself in a subtle, but effective way....

Right now, reduced to basic circumstances, I feel even more how little we actually truly need.

Shelter, warmth, food, friendship and the power of good stories.

(And gasoline and a shower once in a while will not hurt either...)

Images via the Vosgesparis blog.
Thank you!


  1. Hello Victoria:
    How you are in our thoughts these days as you face the many problems which have resulted in Sandy's wake. You are so right when you say that these situations really do make one aware of what the essentials in life really are and how much one can so easily live without. And yet, whenever we resolve to simplify, there always seems good reason not to discard. A treasured gift, a happy, it all has to stay!!! But, we can at least dream of plain living through these lovely images, if nothing else!

  2. Hello Victoria

    I love the simple images you posted. I must say, like the Hattatt's I have treasured gifts and memories which all stay.
    I think I would like another home for the minimal look, at least it would start that way.

    Continued thoughts and prayers are with you and your neighbours

    Helen xx

  3. Hope you came though the storm alright and get warmth and all you need very quickly! Diane

  4. Good news: Since last night we are back with power, no TV or internet yet, but a warm house, a stove for cooking and hot water! Heavenly!!!!


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