Monday, November 5, 2012

The Uncommon Appeal Of Clouds

I have an affinity to clouds, and therefore the title The Uncommon Appeal Of Clouds in the latest installment of Alexander McCall Smith Isabel Dalhousie series instantly warmed my heart. Since I discovered his writing, his books champion a special spot in my reading heart. I love his philosophical ruminations, his quirky characters and the smart wit he brings to all his stories. He is a wonderful writer, one, who looks with gentle kindness and friendly humor towards his fellow neighbors, may they live in Edinburgh or Botswana...

For me, Isabel is a woman with a kindred spirit, the way she thinks and ponders life's essential questions without becoming outlandish is absolutely dear to me.
She has a way of allowing her mind to wander, sometimes into odd thoughts, deep or trivial, which I can relate to.

If you are looking for a gentle way to notch you into getting off the beaten thinking path and look for a delightful journey into her Edinburgh of today, her family and adventures, you will not be disappointed.

Get it here

Enjoy this and many of his other books. You might get hooked.....

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  1. Hello Victoria:
    We too enjoy Alexander McCall Smith's novels, particularly those in the Ladies' Detective Agency series. As you say, his gentle humour and carefully drawn characters are extremely engaging and always make one want to return for more.

    At last, the power is with you, we read, and for that we are glad!

  2. Yes, I am happy and the kids are back in school! Halleluja! <3

  3. After last week, I had the feeling I was living with my head in the clouds!
    I love all the heart warming stories and books you share.
    Hope today, all the students return with thankful hearts to see their friends, teachers and to be educated. Election day 2012, a memorable occasion for us all.
    Nice to have internet and phone today!

  4. Ahh, Patricia, Thank you!
    It is so true, and you won't believe it, both kids went happily to school today.
    And back to my grove, full of enthusiasm!

  5. I was so sorry to find out that you and your family were affected by the super storm Sandy.And I am glad that your power is back and you guys are doing better.In some way I can relate to you because my family and I were victims of a flood in 2007.We lived with relatives and in a FEMA trailer but evantually we rebuilt our house.I mean everything will be OK for you guys too.We would not do it without the help of so many kind people.We got a lot of help you will too

  6. Vanya, thank you so much for your kind words. We have received wonderful help and
    hope in turn to be able to help others, less fortunate then us! I can only imagine, what it must have been to live in a trailer for surely months at a time ...
    There is always somewhere a silver lining.


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