Tuesday, November 20, 2012

These days

These coming days weeks are the most important of our annual rites, filled with good will, cheers, sharing friendships and wonderful foods. There will be gifts given and received, wishes granted, hearts opened a little wider. 

I wish for all of us that the spirit of this wonderful time might be carried further, longer, into the next months, during darker, colder days, when some, we often overlook, might need our help most. Once the bells of the Salvation Army have stopped ringing... And the glitter of the holidays will be packed away.

My daughter has begun to help at a soup kitchen, set up in a nearby town, she is struck by the poverty and sadness she sees so close, regardless of the wealth around us. Homeless families, with little comfort during the holidays. Lonely elderly folks, without families at all. I am proud of her, for she is doing it without rewards other then the fulfillment in her heart.

When I list the things I am so grateful for again this year, a warm cozy home, foods, I want and can afford, my family safe, these are the things I see there missing first. 
And in times, when our family too has to be economic and careful with spending, we want to share some of our resources and time, for sharing them is a wonderful way to help. I feel better about that than anonymous giving, sending money to accounts, where the money might never reach the intended. 
May we never have to experience these hardships, but may we always live in the spirit of sharing and helping.


I am enormously grateful for what this year has brought us, me. More friendships, more love, more creativity and health, more awareness and a little more wisdom for the things I really need and the things I am happy to have and to count as luxuries. For it is important to notice them to be grateful. I am not a minimalist and I love indulging, but I also feel the need to hold on and look. Less and less I need to consume things I already have, and more and more I need things, which cannot be bought in stores. Love, companionship, my girlfriends, my children, time, health and optimism. I can add to this list and I want to share it too.

Happy Thanksgiving, a happy holiday season to you all, may the lights shine bright and the feelings of these days may be carried on in our hearts and minds through the year ahead!
May you love and be loved!


All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Hello Victoria

    How beautiful that you say: "May you love and be loved". I shall cherish those words which really say it all.

    Your daughter sounds like a wonderful young woman and what she is doing is so important and I am sure appreciated. It takes a brave young woman to fulfill this role.

    Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

    Helen xx

  2. Thank you, Helen.
    While I was writing at home, my daughter came home from her round at the soup kitchen and she said, You know Mama, they really need to talk...., that touched me a lot. She has a big heart!

  3. A beautiful post - so eloquently written from the heart.

  4. Victoria,
    I do hope that your beautiful daughter gave them a laugh with her own gift for gab and for comedy. My Mother always said, beauty fades but love and laughter never grow old and it truly does not take much to bestow a bit of grace toward another human being or creature.
    My sons are home and the house is full of laughter and gratitude. It is true that the spirit of the Holidays opens our hearts - the trick is to continue to live with that open heart all year.
    One of the epitaph's my Father is know to spew is - "Christmas is not just one day a year, we need to live it all year." After all it is a "Wonderful Life."
    The recent Storm indeed showed me how in a instant one's life can change. Living with grace under pressure is impressive - witnessing many who endured loss and still smile as they know they are fortunate for life, love and simple human wants. Warmth, love and kindness.

  5. Thank you, Purple Flowers and PVE. Indeed, let's make it a wonderful life!

  6. My dearest Victoria, I'm touched by your words. Your cheerful words bring full of sunbeams into my world. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and I'll be thinking of you and at the same time, be grateful that our paths have crossed. The final long paragraph in this post is truly meaningful and full of wisdom. I'm so glad to hear that you are so proud of your daughter helping out people who are in need. Yes, a lot of terrible things do happen in this world. The natural disaster (most recently a lot of flooding in Britain). The news usually tend to cover for a day or two and then they move on - I suppose that's the nature of the news reporting. But a lot of people are still struggling and desparate to put back their lives together. Helping someone in need and living a life as best as we can, we can still leave an impression on the hearts of those we meet which will be remembered long after us....

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God Bless You.

    With best wishes, ASD

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