Monday, November 29, 2010

Chain link carpet

Finally I scored high and found not only an incredibly affordable, but also stylish carpet solution for my living room.
Looking through eBay I discovered a new PB navy wool chain carpet. For- get this - $299!
It ended my search and all I needed was to order it and put it in place...after convincing my better half that NOW was the perfect time to buy a carpet!!! As you can see, he was ready too.

I love the graphic element it brings to the room, counterbalances all the red from the leather sofa and chairs.
It is super soft and warm.
Please click on images to enlarge.

We were expecting delivery not before Dec 1, but got it a day before Thanksgiving...and I am so happy with it!
It adds so much to the room and right before the holidays it is an early gift!

To see my post at House & Living about it go here.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Before the Advent weekends, which are celebrated in our family according to German tradition we begin to decorate the house for Christmas. Advent are the 4 Sundays (each representing Hope, Peace, Joy and Love) leading up to Christmas Eve. (This is also the evening when we give and receive gifts, at around 6:00 PM, not in the morning of Dec. 25)

Usually we have a wreath with evergreens and four candles, every Advent Sunday we add a light.


I love the tradition and I have a small red four armed candle holder, which every year gets wrapped in green and sits then on our family dining table...
In Germany people usually do not have their trees set up before Christmas Eve, but we tweaked this in the American direction and enjoy our tree from mid December.
It is nice to have these four Sundays to not just go out and shop, but have time to sit together, sing or make music, have traditional Stollen and cookies and make plans for the new year. And although two of our four children are thoroughly American kids, they have embraced the traditions with pleasure and I hope they will one day continue this in their own families.

This year I attempt to read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol in installments, I think the children will now have the patience to sit through it...

And we will watch the movie, which came out 2009 and see it together.

Of course since they were little, they have had also each a Advent calendar, with 24 small windows to open every day in December till the 24. Pictures or tiny sweets mark every day till Christmas. They have become now also more common here in the States.

It could be like this (see here)
Or like this:

Found here.

We have a collection of small wooden Rauchermannchen-smoking man, little guys which burn small incense cones, yummy!

You may have noticed I have not gotten any greenery yet, I will go tomorrow to our nursery, a lovely place - coincidentally the owners are German and they make beautiful Advent decorations, wreaths, flowers, evergreens, trees. We have bought with them for the last 10 years and I look forward every year to Christmas time at their place. They serve coffee and Stollen every Sunday until Christmas and I feel quite at home there!
I love all our holiday traditions. Will you tell me a little about yours?


Images as labeled, book and movie via google image, all others by V.Zlotkowski

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

May this Thanksgiving be filled with the blessings of the harvest season and our hearts grateful for all what we have received!
Wishing you a joyous day with your families and friends!



Picture by V. Zlotkowski

Monday, November 22, 2010

Victoria's holiday bazaar

May I invite you to a holiday bazaar, filled with culinary and other inspirations? The holidays approaching fast and I guess I am somewhat late with this, but perhaps not all of you have completed their shopping's - some might just starting to look....

This is a very special charmer....from kimarijewelry
How about this blue black jade bracelet at lylaaccessories.

Flights of feather fancy! Clutch purse from mermaidsdream.

Get the mint swirl copper lampwork earrings at dkjewels.

Do you know an art lover who will appreciate The Maiden Voyage from janethillstudio?

One of these sweet cuties for a cuddly toddler from minu?

Telling time could be 'felt' evgie!

Or perhaps a doll for a little boy? Get him one at the hazeldoll shop!

This oil lamp will brighten the darkest night.... from StudioKahn!

And I adore those monogrammed pillows from organicblankees.

And while we are still at home accessories, how about these charming bookends via nextdoortoheaven?

And I am sure someone can find a lovely spot for this stylish bench from ljindustries.

And what about this sparkler from bambina?

Any guy will like this cool duffel bag from RAGGEDedgeGear.

And I love this pad for a man's desk. From doneleather.

And speaking of guys, how about that? From kaylim.

And I know at least one girl who would love to wear these glasses...from Estemporary!

Or maybe this cool dress from here.

Baby, it's cold out there. Warm up and get this poncho at sandmaiden.

And this lovely clutch is on my Santa list... from opellecreative!

And last but not least my German heritage gets the better of me: For the holidays do try Dresden Christmas Stollen! You can
get one here!
It's a wonderful tradition, eaten with coffee in the afternoon or a slice warmed for breakfast!

Of course sugar cookies and Nuernberger Oblaten belong to that tradition as well! You could get them at the German Deli.

And these cookies were made by Twosoutherngirls. Or you could bake some yourself....

And if you need to send some lovely cards out - Soulflower has great stuff. Tea towels too and more!

A long walk through this bazaar? Well, yes, but I hope you found something for everyone on your list!!!


PS: As with many items on Etsy, many are one of a kind and might be gone fast...

Top image via google image, all others as noted.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday music

Philippe Jaroussky. His voice is so deeply moving. Have a peaceful Sunday!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rug love

Found here.

I am wild about rugs. All styles, Oriental, Turkish, modern. But my passion are Kilims. I adore them on the floor, but I love them even more on sofas, chairs, cushions or draped artfully over tables.

I spotted this today over at Belgian Pearls.
This always reminds me of classic paintings from a time where rugs where rare, expensive and a status symbol.
" During the 17th century the worldwide trading empires of the great Dutch merchants brought exotic luxuries from the East and Far East. Owning such curious rarities was a sign of wealth, national pride, and a declaration of alliance with the rational and scientific breeze blowing through Europe from the North. This homage to Dutch still life paintings In their Golden Age by the artist includes shells from the tropics and an antique rug from the Caucasus." Quote from below.


By Christian Berentz.

Seen at Tea and Carpets, a great and informative blog about, well: carpets.

Today this has changed to a point, of course carpets and rugs are widely available, but great ones are still expensive.
Much has been written about gorgeous carpets and I will not take on a history of rugs. But I have a passion for lovely colors, patterns and love to incorporate them in my design whenever possible.

I like kilims for their softer, easier to drape quality. They are also more vulnerable, since they have no pile.

By Holbein.

By Hans Memling.

The cover of one of last year's Veranda Magazine was graced with this incredible Aubusson carpet. Draped over a dining table.

Image via Cote de Texas.

I found wonderful examples of kilims for upholstery. An absolutely timeless and classic look.
This Victorian chaise reminds me of Oscar Wilde's extravagant style.

Via Tribal Home.

Georg Smith sofas and arm chair.

Via The state of things.

After I wrote this post today I pulled the latest House Beautiful from the mailbox. I had to smile since the new trends to watch for 2011 are atmospheric, traditional, artisanal, tribal, handmade, theatrical, glam, looking back for inspiration...
Kilims fit the bill beautifully!
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