Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New beginnings and endings

Dear readers, friends,

I do owe you an apology. A blog is to be written in somewhat regular intervals. Otherwise it loses it's momentum. I am fully aware of it. 
I had reached a turning point, a little while ago. I tried to balance new interests with the existing ones, but it has gotten too hard to do so.
For a long time I've had played with the idea to write something other then my blog. 
And about a year ago I have started on a historic novel based on my grandmother's life. 
I call it a romanography....
Now I am rather deep into it and it takes my energy and it feeds me at the same time. 
I love it. 
It is exciting and invigorating and I hope it will become a real book one day. My family indulges me and they are extremely patient with me. 

Writing is an adventure, a tour de force, I am not sure where this force is coming from or where it will take me. 
It has simply taken over. And I let this passion rule!

But something else has occurred to me. My ability to write has also been shaped by reading your inspiring stories, all your persistence and watching so many of you making their dreams come true. Fighting for it and sticking it out! I owe you my thanks and gratitude. Without you, I might have never begun! And I hope one day to give it back to you! I will come to read here and there, maybe even tell a little how it's going, but I wont promise regularity! I just can't. Between the family, life and my writing there is not enough time to manage it.

I feel stricken and as I write I feel a knot in my throat, it is a farewell of sorts. This blog has been such a part of my life!

I wish all you you the very best, keep following your dreams and passions! 
As my children say: YOLO - You only live once...

Thank you for everything and please wish me luck!


I still bake bread and live this, now not so new anymore, satisfyingly healthy lifestyle, sometimes I share on the other blog part recipes and some of my creations. You might find me there. 
You can always contact me for advise or decorating dilemmas. 

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