Saturday, April 28, 2012

Border drama

After the rain dramatic light

Well, I am not talking of any horrible conflict, but rather of the dramatic going-ons in our neighborhood, where colors wildly explode and blossoms compete...

It's, of course, a peaceful battle and the only weapons, I can see, are planting tools and the leaf blowers, although these, in my opinion, should be on the international banned list, for they create so much unnecessary noise.  Oh, how much I prefer a good old rake...

The dog pulled me in excited sniffing mode from one tree to the next, but I still had enough time to take in all the beauty around me and the realization of spring's enormous potency.

It is overwhelmingly pretty and I love to see nature's progress.

Some of the neighborhood beauties

It has been raining a lot last week, something I am grateful for, it had been too dry over the last months.

This should be my dream studio

 In summer and winter I absolutely adore that little garden house under the big tree!

Come on, next big stone ahead

I can't help but look at some of the pretties around while I am on my walk with our old boy...

American & Canadian flags greet us every day!

And finally we turn the corner - we are home!

May joyful colors greet you wherever you are and the battles are peaceful ones around you! Happy Sunday!

All images by V.Zlotkowski

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Have you been watching 'Birdsong' on PBS? (Click on the link to watch the trailer)
I am a newly minted fan, since on the same day the book, which I had ordered a few days earlier, had arrived. Now I read parallel and a little ahead, since the second (and last) part will be shown Sunday, 04/29!

In the ruinous trenches of northern France, Lieutenant Stephen Wraysford (Eddie Redmayne, My Week with Marilyn, Richard II) barely seems to register the death and destruction all around him. His eyes are fixed instead on his drawings and his deck of cards, and his mind is focused on the memory of his one love, Isabelle Azaire (Clémence Poesy, 127 Hours,Harry Potter). For Stephen, events unfolding on the Allied front in 1916 are eclipsed by his memories of the summer of 1910, when he met Isabelle in Amiens. When Isabelle leaves her oppressive husband René (Laurent Lafitte), the two lovers share a blissful existence that seems to make up for a lifetime of loneliness and isolation for Stephen. But their idyll is cut short when Isabelle leaves without explanation. Stephen battles the Germans on the front six years later, as he also battles his own internal grief and confusion over his loss. Adapted by Abi Morgan (Iron Lady, The Hour) from the Sebastian Faulks novel, Birdsong tells the story of Stephen's awakening to love and his determination to reclaim it.

Image via PBS website

Friday, April 20, 2012

Stolen moments

I do not know about you, but sometimes I sneak in some stolen moments at a small cafe around the corner, which makes me feel like I am on vacation in France. I know, 
I am pushing it here...


I indulge in a delicious soy latte and unfold a magazine or two, just to browse and to get some inspirational juices flowing.
There is a seat across from me, so why don't you sit for a moment and have a peak?
Truthfully, I have no idea which magazines they are from, I guess Elle Decor, House and Home, House Beautiful?

Anyway, there is something about a white kitchen....

and patterned walls and a sofa with a pop of color....

And ... oh, should we try this perfume? It says here it's unisex (LOL), but I think there is no such thing, really?

And speaking of unisex.... this bedroom just appeals to me, very feminine/masculine

While this one is just girly, wouldn't you say?
And so happy!

Next magazine: Another gorgeous kitchen, in the city I adore??? Ohhhh...

Sorry, the light here.... this turned out pink, but its a lovely off white on white....

 Another glam bedroom! Three pillows....

But this one here is an killer amazing room! I absolutely love the moody feel of dark walls in a library, with the cozy seat.... and a silver ceiling? Get out! Sorry, a really bad photo, but you get the idea?

And this one? Can it get more elegant and fun? 
Turquoise, white and gold with a dash of red!!! 

Shhh, we are way to noisy, the patron over there gives us already the evil eye....
Are we done?
Let's just go home now and put to good use what we have learned here!!!


Au Revoir!
See you next week darling, have a splendid weekend!

All images via various current shelter magazines, sorry no exact source.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Touch of gold

Gold colored metals have made a comeback over the last years and truth be told, I always had a weakness for a little bit of shiny gold in design. Our front door sports gleaming brass fixtures and I think it looks great with the classic colonial style of our house. I think of a ship sometimes, the house has a navy feel with the blue and white...but that was actually unintended!

This was a year ago, now the mail box hangs and the grass has grown into the area next to the walkway.

Many years ago my husband brought a lovely antique clock back from a visit to Amsterdam and it has graced our mantle ever since. It has of course invited the use of more gold tone metals, bronze, brass and gold plated...It glistens at night and always makes me feel festive.

The walls are painted in a desert sand by BM and glow warm at night.

 Usually my use of these metals is sparingly, I am not the magpie type and I hardly use gold tone jewelry, but a few days ago I bought a gold colored Asian garden stool and I am happy to report it adds a lovely portion of glamour to our music salon. 

Via Joss & Main, a great shopping experience, btw.

Are you in favor of golden accessories? I do stop at gold tone bathroom fixtures, those still have a dated feel to me.
But I also mix metals, dark, silver toned and golden.
And I do not mind oxidized metals either...I rather dislike to much polishing! A little patina adds to the charm of things, don't you agree?

All images by V.Zlotkowski

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring into a summer day

The dog slept all day and the air was still, the blooming Wisteria enveloped the house with its sweet and heavy scent, not unlike the earlier hyacinths.

It was a first early summer day, I made fresh lemonade and nothing but a cold salad would do!
Later we fired up the grill and had dinner on the deck!
Tomorrow I will pull out summer dresses, bidding the cooler temperatures finally good bye. Bare legs again...

You can get it here!

Should I be brave and bring the oleanders outside? The nights can still be cold...

I might wait a little longer.

But to feel the heat at midday gave me such pleasure!
I drove to the next small town to pick up some things I needed and saw this vintage beauty. I could not resist to show her to you...

I picked some of my tulips and brought them inside, 

Tulips and some hazelnut branches

saved a tiny table from the curbside, got border plants to be planted tomorrow and welcomed the outdoor season with open arms!

Curbside find: cute little table

The sprinkler run in the front yard and there was nothing I wanted more then to just sit and watch the world go by.... 
Simple pleasures.

Wishing you all a week filled with simple pleasures!

All images by V.Zlotkowski and as indicated (dress).

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Did you see?

DOMINO showed up at the shelves in our bookstore, I am so happy! Did I miss it earlier? Hope not...I saw it online before.

And did you see this magazine? UPPERCASE, for the creative and curious!

And this one: PRINT for visual artists!

Happy reading!
Happy weekend!

All images via websites.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday love

I happened to see these images by Victoria of sfgirlbybay
I believe these are of her own kitchen and I have to admit sometimes I am a little slow to react... I adore her style and should have long ago put her on my blog list of greatly admired bloggers.
She sums her style up perfectly: Bohemian modern. I love the easy decorating style, from vintage to modern and the lightness of white to unite most! Splashes of color, artwork and self made prettiness.
Her kitchen is absolutely lovely! Using black board paint for the sunny kitchen nook makes a great background for the sculptural pieces she uses in her seating area.

I wish I had an eat-in kitchen, to make a difference between cozy meals and a more formal affair. But alas, my dining room must cover it all...

So here it is:

New on my blog list! And please go, have a look! Her posts are always fun and so refreshing!

Have a happy Friday and a sunny weekend!

All images via

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