Monday, January 31, 2011

Hudson on Hudson

The small town of Hudson, NY has a great reputation among designers and antique dealers as a destination and treasure trove. Yesterday I got a chance to see for myself! Named after Henry Hudson, it is a small town, right on the Hudson river, a few miles north of Poughkeepsie, NY.
While my family skied at nearby Catamount, I grabbed my camera and walking shoes, bundled up and hit the road. Four hours of uninterrupted store hopping and town walking? Just perfect!

Although it was a snowy day I delighted in walking briskly along small streets, lined with fabulous design and gourmet stores like pearls on a string.

Truth be told I managed only a few blocks. There was so much to see and to take in, I took notes, pictures and was enchanted!
The town has an interesting charm. High design, small cafes, but also derelict Victorian beauties, lost yards and run down streets.

Of course all was only enhanced by the cold and the snow. I do like this mixture - old, new, restored and original.
Hudson on Hudson boosts the oldest functioning opera house in New York State. It's not an Opera at all but a multi- functional space, used for a wide array of performances and events. It certainly looks stately among the small townhouses around.

I quote wikipedia:
"For nearly thirty years it sat vacant, decaying and accumulating debris. When the Opera House was threatened with further decay and possible eventual demolition, local citizens banded together to save the building. In 1992, Hudson Opera House, Inc., was formed as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to restoring the building both physically and to its position as a cultural and civic center.
What great spirit!
The program looks interesting and I can feel how culture plays a major role among Hudson's citizens and visitors.

The first shop I came across in my random wanderings was Lili and Loo! Located on Warren Street, it is a small house from the outside but oh, what lies behind these doors: A multi level space with gorgeous furniture, accessories and some clothing.

After a good 30 minutes I was ready for more. Just a few steps across the street sits the Hudson SuperMarket Antiques and Art!
I wish super markets around here would carry such itms....

After this it was time for a small break at Verdigris, a tea shop, bakery cafe and inn!
Delicious to say the least!

I liked the displayed pottery by Liz Hamann.

A few more quick looks around Warren Street and I had to leave, picking up my exhausted family from their many runs....

I would love this as a studio space for me!

Below: Hudson Home!Beautiful!

Now, I will be back in Hudson,NY next Sunday, since my family is really into skiing this season! If anyone cares to join me...I will explore the rest of town!

xx Victoria

All pictures V.Zlotkowski

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gustavo Martinez and Mark Madden of GM Decor

Being featured in the Spanish edition of AD January 2011, Gustavo Martinez and Mark Madden, the team of GM Decor shows a wonderful home, loaded to the brim with style and an ever changing inventory...

I quote the article from AD:
"It's a typical New York pre-war apartment from 1924 on the edge of Central Park, but for Gustavo and Mark, of GM Decor, it's the expression of their personal and professional trajectory. "It's not just a Pied-a'-terre", says Gustavo."It's our office and gallery for our furniture." Of their original layout, a few things have changed. They've opened up the rooms to take advantage of the heigh ceilings; eliminated some doors and replaced others with French doors to create a classic platform so the home could go through endless reincarnations. "It has an incredible capacity for reinterpretation and adjusts to our life changes", say the owners. The pure white walls, ceilings and moldings contrast with dark stained floors to give the apartment a gallery - like atmosphere; an ideal stage where they can show their exclusive and ever changing collection of antique furniture and the paintings and photographs of emerging artists which is updated every three month. "This way we change the theme and the look but try to maintain the character and classic canvas of the apartment", says Martinez. "Our collection of furniture and objects started to grow as we traveled around the world. In particular, we dove into the Modernism Movement universe with the jewels and design from the 40s, 50s and 60s. That was how our gallery specializing in the period was born". More then a house, the home of Gustavo and Mark is a "laboratory of ideas", they say, where their prototypes live freely and where the path of their passions cross; to travel and to buy furniture with their profession as designers and antique dealers."

It sounds like a dream come true to me!
Happy weekend!


All images via AD Spain and GM Decor.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stylish award

Two days ago Rebecca from the lovely blog Acanthus & Acorn surprised me with this
award! If she had not received it herself right now, I would have handed it to her as well! Go and see for yourself!

Thank you very much! I am tickled pink! It gives me such pleasure to know that you think my blog stylish.

And occasionally I am doubting my efforts, measured on the amount of readers or followers. I know, perhaps I should just not look at those numbers, forget to compare myself, but, it does sneak in....
Then this award came and I am lifted and thrilled!
Writing 7 things about me? Something I haven't told you yet?

1) I am a country person at heart! I would love to live in a house in a bucolic setting! Like this pretty country home!

2) I love solitude! Being by myself is not daunting, I love to work, read or explore alone. Do not get me wrong, I love company and my family around, but I need a lot of time alone to think and write.

3) I love simple, old fashioned pleasures: Reading everywhere, walking, watching movies, coffee at home with friends, lemonade in the garden, a swing, cooking a favorite meal. I love to be home. In my heart I am from another era...

4) I am a collector. Not just the china, books and silverware, but I seek memories, store them in my mind, look for visual reminder of my past, a world which is really gone. Remember, I grew up in Dresden, East Germany! As I get older, I try to remember these strange times more often.

5)I do not think myself a fashionable person, I am an individualist, part bohemian, part 1930's chic...I like to dress pretty, but fashionable? My style icons are the woman of the Bloomsbury group, Charlotte Rampling, Sophia Coppola....

6)I LOVE cafes! The atmosphere, the people, the cakes....did I mention that I love chocolate yet?

7) I am a romantic....

Caspar David Friedrich: Woman before the Rising Sun.

Now it's time to pass the Stylish Blogger Award to you other stylish bloggers! Please share 7 things about you which you have not shared yet! (If it's possible...)
In no particular order:

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So dearest, that's it for now! Thank you for reading things I haven't told you before...
Now I can't wait to her from you!


Pictures as indicated and via google image!
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