Sunday, June 24, 2012

Today I love

This wonderful copper counter top!


Mellow patina. Considered a "living" surface, copper tarnishes as it oxidizes and reacts to the substances that cross it. For many, that's part of its appeal. Unsealed copper will gradually dull and transition to a blend of matte reds, browns and greens, which a lot of homeowners appreciate for the character it adds.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The garden in June

Happy weekend to you all! Our garden in June is at it's peak of beauty..... 

All images by V.Zlotkowski

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Easy rider
Today our youngest graduated from Elementary School to attend Jr./Sr. High School in September! 
Perhaps a small step compared to the graduation from High School or College, but a huge step for these kids, who have made it over the threshold of childhood into youth.We have seen it this last year, the sudden change of voice and height, the unexpected manners, the growing need for independence and more freedom to spend time (and money) on his own. Not that we haven't had the chance of experiencing it before, he after all is the youngest of four. But to see each of our children stepping in their own time out of childhood is something, we every time enjoy and fear in somewhat equal measure.
Knowing that this is only the beginning of even greater changes, it gives us again a moment to reflect and to trust, that also this, often still willful, untamed, yet so sweet boy will find his way into responsible young adulthood.

A soccer player

A team player with great motivation

He is on the right path, I can see this. Only yesterday he pointed out to me, he needs to read 3 chapters daily of the first required reading book, to finish it  before camp starts, so he has enough time to go through the other two books before vacation is over. After asking him about it, he explained, 'I want to start the new school year the right way. Being prepared.' These were his exact words and to be truthful I have never heard him speak up like that before. Of course he was most all the time prepared in all his years in Elementary School, one just did one's home work, but the awareness and foresight, two months ahead made me think of his growing up.
I am proud of my baby (Don't tell him I said this), for now I can see the light at the end of the parental tunnel.... (LOL)

Well, of course it has been a wonderful journey so far and we both enjoy seeing our kids slowly moving truly into their own lifes. It is moving and often we feel it has all happen too fast, but time goes on and so will we. We are ready to share the ride!

We wish him a wonderful, fruitful and exhilarating time at the Jr./Sr. High School. A new world opens up!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A father's and a son's day

Today the stars have aligned to a happy meeting: Father's Day and our oldest son's 25th birthday!
A quarter of a century of parenthood and a wonderful blossoming young life of an aspiring artist and filmmaker!
To you both, although you did not know each other from the very start, the years have brought you in wonderful ways together! A true father son relationship has been forged between you and it makes me so happy, grateful and proud to see, how far we all have come along!
All of us wish the man, who takes it all with grace and love, the best of Father's Day!
And to you, dear oldest one, we wish that all your dreams come true! May you have another happy year before you, with your lovely girl and brothers, sister and parents by your side!

Lebenskuenstler! True life style artists!
We love you!

And to our fathers who have helped us to be who we are today!

Happy Father's Day!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lemonade Days

Oh, lemonade days are coming, school will be over next week, we will celebrate another great year of learning and maturing for our kids and learning and maturing for ourselves.  Growing up with the children... it's a wonderful thing. 

I watched through the kitchen window these little robin chicks mature too

I have learned a whole lot of new things in the last months and keep on doing it, yet the summer time calls for slowing things down a bit and, rejoicing in the simple pleasures of life, relaxing, spending more time with good friends and finally our family, reading, travels and simple foods!

One of the first roses here at the Green House

The garden gives me pleasure, the roses are in bloom and the hydrangeas are soon really ready, the oak trees are full of fresh green leaves again and the grasses have almost reached their yearly heights...I walk through wafts of the scented honeysuckle and jasmine and the potted hibiscus and oleanders made it through another winter on the veranda.

I am so happy the outdoor season has finally begun!

Happy weekend! Wishing you a great season....filled with the simple pleasures!

All images byV.Zlotkowski

Thursday, June 14, 2012

To my friends and readers

Dear Friends, more then a month has passed since I last laid eyes on the blog, I missed it and yet I was so busy that I had hardly time to think about it.

The weeks, which have passed, have been purgative, cleansing in more then one way!
My surgery has been successful, I am grateful for that and has left me full of enthusiasm and positive energy. I am healing still. A couple of weeks before I had made another important decision: To change my diet and lifestyle completely.
Since then I have begun studying nutrition, I am reading all about raw food preparation, have myself immersed in juice fasting, cleansing, juicing, smoothie preparation and the many aspects of a thoroughly new way of eating.
I know that this might sound strange to many of you, perhaps the idea of eating mostly raw could make people feel that one must miss so many great foods and how one can restrict oneself like this. Yet I have to tell you, the conscious decision to begin a mostly raw diet has been not taken lightly and I have been experimenting with it. The longer I am on it the more I love the way I feel and .... look! I do not feel restricted at all! On the contrary: I feel freed! And as always, suddenly I see more healthy food options everywhere, raw restaurants pop up in unexpected places and people have been telling me about their similar journeys! The universe aligns!

I will not go in all the details of a mostly raw diet, that would surely overextend the most patient reader, but I will tell you as much:
I will begin writing a separate food blog, in which you can follow me if you are interested.
In a nut shell, the things I do not eat and drink anymore as as follows:
Wheat, all dairy, sugar, processed foods unless raw, coffee, sodas, alcohol (with the exception of a glass of red wine once in a while) potatoes, white rice.
I have been sticking to it and lost all cravings for sweets, do not miss anything and feel well nourished. I do eat a little bit of meat once in a while, maybe every two weeks or so and seldom fish (sashimi) or baked salmon. I take a few selected supplements.

The result so far has been a healthy weight loss (almost 20 lbs), glowing skin, super energy and great motivation to immerse myself even more. I do yoga, walk a lot, about 3ml a day and hope to put in more exercise as I go along. I am not the gym person...
A great book, to get an idea about the journey I have been taking, can be found here:

The best part is, that my husband, seeing the results over the last weeks, has become so
enchanted, he joined me and we both are exploring the joys of raw foods.

And no - our kids stick to their standard diet, I feel that the example and good food around the house will intrigue them, but pushing would be a mistake. So they munch their chips and have their hot dogs, ice cream and pasta....No hard feelings.
But they also love my fruit smoothies, vegetable juices and salads!

So, while I have become a little introvert and concentrated on the inner workings of body and soul, I have not forgotten about you all out there and can't wait to get back on track!
I know summer is coming and some of you might close the blog shop for a while, but I will try to follow trough and stick again to regular posting of the ups and downs here at the Green House.....

Be well and happy!

Images by V.Zlotkowski and amazon.

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