Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moment in time

I hope your moment in time is good! Happy weekend to you all! 


Image V.Zlotkowski

Friday, February 1, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

I am humming....
But today I will have to add a couple of things to girls in white dresses and fluffy kittens...

Our Christo moment....during the process of getting the new roof.

As our project outside and few improvements inside near their completion, a few of my favorite things have finally made their appearance. Major projects take a long time to complete, the details can take time and the moment, when one finally "sees" the changes can be a challenge to wait for. 

Insulation up in the attic, what a difference!

Yet I am fully aware, I do not deal with a project, which takes longer then a couple of weeks. Two months, maybe a few more days. Small problems do occur, like the one below. But nothing really upsetting so far.

Delay: Wrong window delivered, by next week the new one will arrive.

So my patience has not been tested that much.
And look at the new light fixture. I am in love!
So much nicer then the old one...

Finally: Our new upstairs landing lantern with an Edison bulb!

The new outdoor portico lantern. Portico needs still priming and painting.

But while I am so happy to see the light fixtures functioning and all these things are truly wonderful, I still had been waiting impatiently for something completely unrelated. 
I am a fan of Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce book series. If you are not familiar, go and check it out, his books are a major delight for all fans of great mysteries. Set in England in the 50's, in and around a mansion and the nearby village, Flavia, the 11 year old heroine, solves crimes with smarts, wit and charisma.

That Buckshaw, the old mansion, is falling apart and unfortunately could soon be lost for seemingly ever present financial problems adds to the charm and makes me feel right at home. I can certainly relate. Although our home is, thankfully, not in quite such disrepair (anymore) and our financial situation seems a little more secure, we too fight the endless battles of fixing an old house with regularly occurring maladies, from leaking pipes to toppling chimneys. 
So, now you may imagine my delight, when the latest installment of the series, after a long time waiting, stuck yesterday in our mailbox. After a rather haphazardly thrown together dinner I withdrew into my bedroom, closed the door and dimmed the lights to cozy up to 'Speaking From Among the Bones'. Hard as it was and to make it last a little longer, I stopped reading after one hour or so and since then I have sneaked around the book, almost unable to wait 'til tonight to continue the pleasure...It's so hard...It's right here...And it's as good as the others, maybe even better!
Oh, the waiting has been so long and then the reading fun it's over so quickly. I might just start at the beginning again and read them all after another!
Do you have book series you cannot put down? 

So, between the daily to make decisions about light fixtures, copper flushing, windows, paint colors and books to read, at least the last one has been easy!

Wishing you all easy decisions and a happy weekend! 
I cannot wait to reveal to you all the finished project soon...


All images by V.Zlotkowski
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