Saturday, March 12, 2011


安全のためにしたい - A wish for safety!

My heart is breaking seeing these devastating pictures, hearing the news and listening to the desperation. My thoughts go out to all the people, the people of Japan.
May there be hope of rescue, survival and help!
Looking at the horrible pictures, I want to set something against it:

The amazing beauty and history of this land!

The living culture and architecture!

The spirit!

The courage to endure and to comfort, to be brave and the will to survive!

May you be safe and without more danger, may there be a new morning!

My thoughts are out there for you, Japan and all your people!

If you look for a place to donate in the rescue efforts you can go here!


All images via google image, I do not take any credit!


  1. Hi..I found you via "strange ways"...a blog after another..but I immediately stopped by!!Your post picked my heart away...I used to live in Japan and this tragedy is...owh..I'm speachless. Love your words about.
    I follow you from Rome.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. Beautiful words and beautiful images.

  3. It's heartbreaking - I think we are all saddened and horrified by what is happening in the world. Thanks for posting, and your word. - have a look at my blog if you fancy.
    A xx

  4. I know it's been really difficult to watch.

    How very thoughtful to post images of the beauty that we have come to know of Japan. I hope and pray for their safety as well.


  5. Lovely images and tribute Victoria....xv

  6. Victoria, the Japanese aesthetic is unique to any other-I hope this serene nature will continue to serve them well as they go through this trouble.


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