Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring at Anthropologie

Having a good look at one of my favorite shops has given me plenty to swoon over, a few things to inspire and hopefully something to delight you as well with! Anthropologie never disappoints me.
My spontaneous and bohemian spirit always find a perch to rest there!
From dresses to heels and cups to chairs there is so much which shouts spring! Wonderful!

I love simple cut dresses in spring colors!

A little Mai dance perhaps in these lovely heels...

The warmth of gold and some special raindrops!

A soft scent to welcome the season!

Never enough cute little bags!

A moroccan inspired coffee table!

So many things I like...

How fab is this wallpaper!

And you must know by now I am addicted to teapots!

So, let raise a glass, cup, teapot to spring and delight in all it's offerings!


All images via Anthropologie site!


  1. My son's love to say "Oh, it's a girl store" - yes, we girls love Anthropologie. I cannot imagine life without such a fun store, books, clothes, fun plates, glasses, jewelry, candles...paradise!

  2. anthropologie is a girls fantasy some to life.....i love it too and waaaaay to much i might add!

  3. I had the pleasure of visiting Anthropologie in September last year in NYC and absolutely loved it! A great mix of fashion and homewares. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am so glad I have discovered yours!


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