Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Useful objects

Finding new and useful objects is always fun!
Love this
bag holder. Despite trying to use my shopping bags I still end up with enough plastic bags. Here they are put to good use - again!

And this little
pot comes in handy!

There is no need to use the dryer every day! Indoor or outdoor drying rack. Stores inside the frame. Pops out when needed.

And I could not believe my eyes seeing this! A
cat litter box! Very cool!

And I love this sleek door mat! For a modern entrance.

And for all decorators - sort it out! Little pantone storage boxes!

I love all these spring colors.
Let's get organized!


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  1. My dear, good afternoon (Good morning to you). I think the spring is just around the's also very cold in here. I can't wait for the light and colours.

  2. Thanks you ASD! My narcissus are blooming on my window, spring is coming....

  3. Great ideas!
    I love to air dry my clothes!

  4. great and colorful organizing ideas! i could totally use some of those storage boxes myself!


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