Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little Sunday post

Early March Sunday...
And I need a little magic!!!
Feeling a little under the winter weather I look for little pick me ups, finds to delight or simply goods I consider....Something on my radar lately has been PLUEMO, a British (online) shop, which I discovered a couple of month ago. They have whimsical and fabulous things from fashion to house and garden. Their
red zone contains all their discounted goods and who doesn't like a discount???

This is a great little woven wool carpet.

And these little trays can be used almost anywhere. On top of a table, at bedside, on your desk.

Stylish scissors and string, anybody?

Nothing sweeter then a little pouf!!!

These slippers look like they are filled with magic! Don't they feel like summer? I'll pick these!
And this folklore inspired pillow (from the current collection) is so pretty!

Makes me feel so much better already! Enough cold air and gusty winds! I need sunshine and warmth, colors and blossoms!

Wishing you all the same!


All images via Pluemo website.


  1. Hang on alittle while longer. The sunshine will appear soon.

  2. Lovely blog Victoria. Thank you for for your comment on my painting.

  3. THOSE SCISSORS AND STRING...OMG, I need that! What a wonderful place! I must visit them IMMEDIATELY! Victoria dearest, thank you for visiting me today! We had a blast. My husband is a hoot and charm to be with all day long, doing NO MATTER WHAT. We are constantly creating havoc or hache somewhere! tteeeheeeeee!!!

    THANK YOU FOR THE WELL WISHES and enjoy March. We are still under snow, but I believe in SPRING!


  4. My dear, I once saw a rug like this in an antique shop with a quote embroidered into the rug and the quote was (I think) from Byron's poem.


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