Monday, March 21, 2011

Of chairs and boxes and this and that

Good morning! The weather god must have had such a change of heart! Yesterday's sun beckoned us out. We cleaned up the yard, did lots of cuttings and removed dried grasses. We got large sweeps of ready to pop forsythia and today we are having fresh snow...Oh well!
Winter goes reluctantly!

On Saturday we visited one of the small lovely river towns along Hudson and I happened to come upon a moving sale of one of my favorite stores there: The Saffron Trading Company! Oh, I love when this happens....
A small gem of a shop, with mostly Asian furniture, ceramics, baskets, linens and much more.
Due to their move across the street into a larger facility they have an amazing 25 - 50% sale going on. I found a few lovely things, among them these two beauties....

Originally for $260 a piece I scored them two for the price of one! I simply could not pass this chance. They are lovely done, with small carvings in the frame and legs, upholstered in a simple linen. They will be adding useful seating around the dining table, one will serve me at my small writing desk!

I've got this basket and a pretty wooden box, painted in a light blue. $11 and $14 respectively!

The box will hold letters and sits now under a small table next to my work desk!
While cleaning the garage and garden I came upon this little basket, which sat almost forgotten in one of the shelves, so in it came and after a good scrub I lined it with a French linen towel and it holds our daily cutlery. Easy to pick and the kids love to set the table with it.

And talking of table setting, looking through my files I found this site, which I had marked, because I saw so many great ideas popping into my head after finding all these lovely decorative items. Vases, lights, candle holders, party inspirations.
Go check it out here!

That's it for today!
Wishing you a true beginning of spring!



  1. Love all your this and thats! Nicely done!
    That site is perfect as I am helping to decorate the table for the Steffi Nossen dance auction....and I found some great things there.

  2. My dear, your chairs look lovely with the writing desk and matching tassel lamp shade! Hope you are well. I'm enjoying the sun outside in my garden! The spring is here at last!

  3. Gorgeous chairs Victoria and so exciting to find them and score a two for one! I love having extra seating especially if they are beautiful like this!
    glad spring is with you
    best wishes

  4. hi,,
    By defined your decorating style, It's no easy it's taken me a couple of years to define mine that sort of sums up my decorating style. I much prefer to surround myself with modern icons & sentimental treasures. It's all about the balance between old & new, classic & trendy, vintage & modern.

  5. i love that box....instead i would fill it with cupcakes so i could photograph it or a really cool bottle of vodka with little shot glasses and cocktail napkins and flower heads....oh can you tell i covet that box....i really do!


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