Friday, March 4, 2011

Rooms now

A modern, fresh environment is what I crave now! Light is of essence. Unfussy spaces with charm and character!

Lots of white with great strong color accents. The white of the table stands in lovely contrast to the floor and the hot pink bench, sideboard and purple chairs. The book shelves pull it all together! You get a little glimpse of the silver leaf wall treatment around the fire place. Beautiful!

Pops of color give these rooms character, Looking into a lime green sitting room, accented with a black and white border. In the foreground the wall mounted lamps add a playful touch to the shelves. I love rattan indoors. A garden feel year round!

I absolutely love the color combinations here. White and mint green, purple, teal and acid yellow. Light rules!

The great outdoors welcomed inside. And imagine it in winter!

Gray hot mix! And look at the gorgeous paneling! Although this is a show room it has all the makings of a spectacularly relaxed living room. With a painterly palette.

It is not necessary to paint everything white, I know it's one trend right now, but the secret to fresh rooms lies in contrast and the use of some strong accent colors. Classic color combinations like blue and white fit in there as much as pink and orange, gray and yellow or greens and purple.

And if you love your beige/greige monochrome setting and want to freshen it up without overhauling your place, just add some hot pink and purple pillows, fresh yellow flowers and open the curtains and let in the light! Rooms can be traditional, contemporary or country, to make it now and fresh follow the few rules above.
And it always helps to un-clutter. Every room needs a good editing here and there. (Read: Clean up and sort out the stuff just collecting dust!) And the coming spring time is the perfect opportunity to do just this!

Happy weekend, my friends!

Picture sources: Zoffany website, Designer Guild website, Bilhuber design, Bunny Williams show house room and some unknown source.


  1. I agree with you totally! I crave space, simplicity, less clutter and openness and living with things I love....
    Happy weekend dear friend!

  2. Beautiful rooms. Love the fabric window hanging in the 5th photo. Have a great weekend.

  3. Victoria all of the fabulous color with clean lines and space. I love it!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!

    Art by Karena


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