Friday, July 29, 2011

The changing skies

Pelican flying high

The ever changing skies fascinate me, there is so much movement above me and
dance like the clouds change positions...

I love the sky here in the morning, the light wakes slowly over the east facing sea. From darkest night-bluish gray still fringed with stars to beginning streaks of lighter tones, slightly graying above the horizon, first deep orange red beams, slowly slowly filling the sky until a red hazy sun emerges on the horizon.

Not every morning rises like that. Some days a gray light emerges and the clouds hide the sun completely. Changes come fast!
Two days ago stormy winds brought rain and more rain, drenching the small island until
small rivers of water run down the streets. Once in between the sun broke through and magically lit the storm.

Later in the evening the heavy clouds were swept away, leaving nothing but a blue firmament, laced with feathery white wisps high above me.

I wish I could show you the glorious night sky! Imagine it dark, blackest blue, but oh-so star filled. I hear nothing but the brandishing sound of the never-ending waves, far out I can see a few lights of fishing vessels and behind me the stretching strip of land, with it's houses, which become smaller with every step I take. My feet feel the warm waters...
But above me stretches the universe, the awe-inspiring summer night sky of the northern hemisphere. I see the Milky Way, the Great Wagon  and his small brother, countless constellations and the moving dots of airplanes and satellites. I open my arms wide and let the wind fill me with happiness.
Looking up I see more then one shooting star flickering through the sky and I send my wishes out there, for us to be kept safe by the great embracing spirit of all!


All pictures by V. Zlotkowski. All rights reserved.


  1. Hello Victoria:
    What really wonderful images, each with its own very magical quality. We do so agree with you that the sky is a subject of endless fascination with its many varied, and rapidly changing, moods. We love it best, as you show here, in relation to the sea which, somehow, intensifies the mystery.

  2. Beautiful skies wonderful to watch them change during the day into night....Have a happy weekend...xv

  3. Amazing photographs, Victoria. Thank you for sharing!


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