Thursday, February 17, 2011


Every morning I am greeted by my little farm at the table! I love those white figurines presiding over our morning routine and helping to serve milk, salt & pepper or honey...
There is mama cow, protecting the butter and rabbit, duck, dog and cow for single servings of milk....

And the only colorful exception is my little maid, reedy to serve cheese!

And the frog prince, waiting to be kissed...

Just few details, but they make our mornings fun!

Do you have something special at the table, which makes you smile?


All pictures taken by V.Zlotkowski


  1. I do have my childhood pitcher that I love, chip and all!
    Pretty table. e-i-e-i-o....

  2. These special pieces of china are just adorable Victoria.....xv

  3. Not at all and after seeing yours I think I need something! Yours is so pretty!

  4. Awww how cute. I have some flowers that were at my table that made me smile!

  5. dont you just love the morning light....thats when i prefer totake the frong prince!

  6. Good morning dearest Victoria! I LOVE THOSE LITTLE WHITE ANIMALS! And these days, white or light cream is my color of choice on the table too! YOU ARE GOING TO VERMONT???? Oh, have a blast! We are staying in this weekend; yep, you guessed PAINT! But this will be our last room, our old dining room which enters into our new room. But it will be fun because once the paint drys, UP GOES my old crystal chandelier and I want to see what that looks like going into the new room. Oh such fun to be had on this 3-day weekend! ENJOY!!! Anita

  7. The whole table represents spring! I love it. You are very house proud my dear. I like that. Also, how nice it would be to wake up to a pot of flowers in a jug sitting on the table.

  8. Liebe Frau: His is always fun , even when the kids are a little grumpy in the morning, the little duck makes them smile....
    Audrey: I am a sucker for fresh flowers and have them always at this table.
    Shellie: You know all these things come from totally different places, some, like the frog prince are from Germany and they all remind me of my visits there! I know, I am very sentimental in this way!
    Anita: Soon you will be done and you will be so proud of all you have achieved! Good luck with the painting!
    ASD: Now you will enjoy them too, right?


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