Friday, February 18, 2011

Today I love

This reading spot! Makes me think of spring and simple white dresses! The chair and stool by Laura Ashley!

And these vignettes too!

And look at these cool things: Caroline Mcgrath creates these lovely map paper cuts! You can find them here!

And the whimsical suitcase by Gabi Bolton can take you from imaginary worlds to travels everywhere! Look for it here!

I love British Elle Decoration! I am always so looking forward to the next installment!

Happy weekend!

xx Victoria

All images via British Elle Decoration.


  1. My dear, you'll be pleased to know that I bought two vases of roses (made of silk) from Laura Ashley yesterday. They are old fashioned pink roses. They cost £50.00 a vase. I know it sounds a lot but they will last for a long time and they don't make me sneeze! Enjoy your skiing trip to Vermont!

  2. ASD: Thanks, my friend! This is wonderful, I think they will give you plenty of joy, since they will remind you of natures beauty! Laura Ashley has great things! : )

  3. British Elle rocks! I can never find it in Canada anymore. Used to be at the airports but now it's gone from there as well. Don't know why, but they seem more eclectic in the U.K.

  4. Mermaid gallery: I am sorry to hear it, I guess it's all cost related, we had so many magazines folding completely, I am happy to have access here to this one. It's my main reason for loving it, so eclectic and a bit more eccentric then US design magazines. I love the British design style.

  5. These are wonderful! LOVE that pretty wall! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  6. Love everything here! Do you know we have a Laura Ahley shop just 10 min walk from my flat and I've never been in! Going in now as I love that chair and stool. And, yes, the Elle decor mag is gorgeous to look at and a great resource. Is it really expensive to buy in the US?

  7. Victoria!ILOVE THAT SILHOUETTE in the oval frame up top the mantel! And of course, everything else is perfection! Have a great day, Anita


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