Friday, February 25, 2011

Sudden snow

The covered bridge in Woodstock.

Last night brought us a surprise: Fresh snow! And a wonderful day, walking the town and the small hills around into a snowy land, covered with a fresh sheet of white! The snowflakes were dancing around us and we delighted in the beauty of it!
This was yesterday:

And this is today:

And a few more impressions from this lovely place!

See the bride through the window? A winter wedding, today was the perfect day for it. I saw her in the hotel this morning!

What can one do when not skiing? Looking at fun places, having some tea, shopping for cheese and checking out those design stores...
And looking at some wonderful artwork capturing the Vermont winter perfectly!

And then there is the local psychologist...

Tomorrow we are coming home! We recharged our batteries and now feel ready for the coming weeks ahead!


All pictures taken by V.Zlotkowski, except painting via google image.


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! - all of it! Very, very jealous. x

  2. Thank you for a beautiful post and for all of your kind words.

  3. Safe home! love the images you captured!

  4. My husband's family has a place in Woodstock, we love going to Simon Pearce for brunch, certainly one of the most beautiful restaurants on the planet, in fact I want to live there, put my bed right in the main dining room. I'll keep the commercial kitchen too!

  5. Lois, now I am home again and I filled with wonderful memories...
    Elaine: It was so great to have found your place!
    Patricia: Thanks, my friend! Here we are, safe and sound!
    Abby: Isn't it the most wonderful place? We were there at night, and still the frozen waters below were so impressive and I love the industrial feel to the space!
    We sat at the largest window right over the water! I am with you...

  6. There is something so elegant about winter. Great photos.


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