Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sheets of ice

The magical look of the ice glazed trees in the garden...

Reminds me of laces and dresses, glittering and sparkling...

Frills on white sheets and chandeliers dripping with crystals...

The fringes of ice are crowns turned up side down...

Borrowed from the ice queen!


All landscape images by V.Zlotkowski, all others via google image


  1. very pretty....i love to see iced trees its like a magical frozen world...except i really dont want to go there cause its too cold!

  2. victoria ~ this is such a beautiful gathering of decor and nature! I'll take those sparkly dresses, please!

    Hope you are staying warm!

  3. Ice is not always pleasant to see, but I love these photos you've taken. The ice has frozen your landscape, and it truly is magical!! Be safe and stay warm!


  4. love the icy connection to those interiors. It does show me how one can be inspired on a snow day.

  5. know how to pull my heart strings, with all the chandies and crowns!!!! HOW ARE YOU DEAREST? This snow is really getting to us all! Please take caution driving! BISES, Anita

  6. Looks gorgeous! Over here we are being blasted with gales, snow and rain. The wind is icy but not pretty.

  7. those trees looks so dreamy, straight out of a fairytale. did you take those shots urself? im also loving those shabby chic and feminine rooms you've shown here!

  8. Thank you all for you kind comments! This means so much to me!
    Shellie: The strange thing, it is not that cold, now it is slowly melting and everything is glazed over, magical indeed!
    Mel: We are cozy up here and enjoy this wonderful winter wonder land as much as we can!
    Christine: So nice to see you here, I missed you already!
    Patricia: Nature always inspires my way of thinking about interiors or fashion.
    Anita: Thank you, my friend! Your posts are always so magical, so I guess you inspired me to it as well!
    Lois: This is what I so like about American winter: The sun and the light, no matter how severe the weather!
    MoS: Yes, I did, I still hope one day to have a better camera to really look at details. I love to photograph.
    Stay warm and cozy you all!


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