Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The old homestead

We visited lovely friends over the weekend up in the Catskill Mountains. While driving to and fro between small hamlets I saw many homesteads, some seemingly abandoned, some lovingly preserved!

There was one at the roadside to Phoenicia and I was touched by an apple tree next to the house, full of fruit left hanging from the last harvest season.

Birds have a winter feast ...
I found this lovely poem which reflects all my feelings seeing this old, forgotten place!


'Tis an old deserted homestead
On the outskirts of the town,
Where the roof is all moss-covered,
And the walls are tumbling down;
But around that little cottage
Do my brightest mem'ries cling,
For 'twas there I spent the moments
Of my youth,—life's happy spring.

I remember how I used to
Swing upon the old front gate,
While the robin in the tree tops
Sung a night song to his mate;
And how later in the evening,
As the beaux were wont to do,
Mr. Perkins, in the parlor,
Sat and sparked my sister Sue.

There my mother—heaven bless her!—
Kissed or spanked as was our need,
And by smile or stroke implanted
In our hearts fair virtue's seed;
While my father, man of wisdom,
Lawyer keen, and farmer stout,
Argued long with neighbor Dobbins
How the corn crops would turn out.

Then the quiltings and the dances—
How my feet were wont to fly,
While the moon peeped through the barn chinks
From her stately place on high.
Oh, those days, so sweet, so happy,
Ever backward o'er me roll;
Still the music of that farm life
Rings an echo in my soul.

Now the old place is deserted,
And the walls are falling down;
All who made the home life cheerful,
Now have died or moved to town.
But about that dear old cottage
Shall my mem'ries ever cling,
For 'twas there I spent the moments
Of my, youth,—life's happy spring.

By Paul Laurence Dunbar

I love these verses!


All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. A very lovely home. All it needs is alittle love and tender care.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and wishing my Mother a Happy Birthday!

  2. Lovely verse and all that old homestead needs is an owner like you to add charm and restore it back to life!
    Stop by for a cup of tea today!

  3. This makes me miss my house in Vermont....she sits there, empty and cold, waiting for a big spring cleaning to get her ready to put on the market if warm weather ever comes.

    I wonder how many people drive by my "Silver Lining Farm" and think what you thought... sad face.

  4. Purple Flowers: I am not sure if it was still inhabited, perhaps only in summer, but it had such a homely feel to it! (I am so happy for you and your lively mom..)
    Patricia:I would love to do just this one day!
    Abby: We are going up to Vermont at least once a year in winter, we love it there, especially around the Woodstock area!

  5. Good evening dearest! I always wanted to visit up state NY, but never had a chance. It seems that time stands still in some of those areas, and you caught a beautiful glimpse of an era past. How are you? I have had a busy week, but enjoying a thaw in our part of the country! ENJOY YOUR EVENING, Anita

  6. I miss the Catskills everyday. I lived in Stone Ridge where I had an antique shop and design business. I hope that you stopped into Sweet Sue's in Phoenicia and had a big stack of her fabulous pancakes.

    I would take a days drive around the reservoir even in the winter. It is tough there right now, but spring, summer and fall there can be no better place to be.

    Thanks for the visit.

  7. what a find! and lovely to read your thoughts while looking at it. i like the poem, too!!

  8. It's such a lovely home...just like the home I would picture from Louisa May Alcott's story, Little Women.


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