Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Have you been watching 'Birdsong' on PBS? (Click on the link to watch the trailer)
I am a newly minted fan, since on the same day the book, which I had ordered a few days earlier, had arrived. Now I read parallel and a little ahead, since the second (and last) part will be shown Sunday, 04/29!

In the ruinous trenches of northern France, Lieutenant Stephen Wraysford (Eddie Redmayne, My Week with Marilyn, Richard II) barely seems to register the death and destruction all around him. His eyes are fixed instead on his drawings and his deck of cards, and his mind is focused on the memory of his one love, Isabelle Azaire (Clémence Poesy, 127 Hours,Harry Potter). For Stephen, events unfolding on the Allied front in 1916 are eclipsed by his memories of the summer of 1910, when he met Isabelle in Amiens. When Isabelle leaves her oppressive husband René (Laurent Lafitte), the two lovers share a blissful existence that seems to make up for a lifetime of loneliness and isolation for Stephen. But their idyll is cut short when Isabelle leaves without explanation. Stephen battles the Germans on the front six years later, as he also battles his own internal grief and confusion over his loss. Adapted by Abi Morgan (Iron Lady, The Hour) from the Sebastian Faulks novel, Birdsong tells the story of Stephen's awakening to love and his determination to reclaim it.

Image via PBS website


  1. Hello Victoria:
    Alas, without television we have not seen the BBC production of 'Birdsong' but we know Sebastian Faulks' novel well. In addition, the video clip you provide a link for is restricted and may not be shown in Hungary!!

    However, as it happens, the Art Director, responsible for all of the sets, is a friend and was one of those with whom we had the picnic lunch written about in our previous post.

    1. Oh, jane and Lance! This is one of those "incredible world" moments! Please give your friend my compliments on a wonderful set design and amazing work!
      The details are divine! All the delightful details I did not miss!!! I adore it!

  2. Perhaps this will fill the void until Downton Abbey returns!

    1. Definitely! Apart that it's rather short... And rent 'The Cazalets" , this will do! I am just watching it now via Netflix and it's so well worth it!

  3. Hello Victoria
    This sounds like the type of movie we enjoy viewing. Sadly it is too late to watch it now. Perhaps we will rent the video. Thank you for telling us.
    They say there are no coincidences then how do we explain the Hattatt's knowing the Art Director? What a delightful surprise.
    Have a beautiful weekend

    Helen xx


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