Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today I love...

These soft and romantic interiors. They are neither overly frilly, nor too reduced in style. I like a sofa to sink in, laced with pillows....
I like the garden stool, yes, used all over, but why not? An ottoman to put my feet up and a romantic chandelier! The lightest pink on the walls, offset by the milky sage green.


Or this garden style room, where large windows invite the outside in. I absolutely love the window casings in a darker shade, while the walls and floor blend gently together! 
This is a very large room, and yet, it feels cozy! Summer calm!


And this interior has me absolutely enchanted, I love everything about it: The soft colors, the darker paneling and door frame, painted floor and the overall styling, which reminds me of the early 19th Century! Nature inspired wall decor gets me anytime! Again softest pink walls!


And do I need to explain that I find this girly bedroom utterly charming?


Lately I love the idea of darker painted woodwork. What do you think? White or color?

Happy Tuesday!

All images as indicated!


  1. Victoria,
    Having returned from Vermont, one of the details I noticed was the darker wood work which I adored and paneling painted sort of an oyster grey green.
    Lovely images -

  2. These are gorgeous! I like how comfy they feel like. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

    1. Kellie, thanks for stopping by! You have always the most glowing and cheerful colors as well (which I adore), these here are rather muted, but I do like them the way they are!


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