Monday, April 2, 2012

Windows of opportunity

Music room window sill until yesterday

I have two window sills, facing east, the front of the house, deep enough to have a whole shop display exhibited and I change what's there regularly, to entertain us, keep something new displayed or enhance seasonal decorating. There are stars and evergreen branches at Christmas time, shells during the summer, leaves and twigs collected at walks in autumn and ghostly ghouls at Halloween! It's a wonderful place to have some plants, flowers and some glass, candles or books, showing our latest interests, finds or new collected things. 
Some displays are short lived, some stay for weeks at the time without much change.

Dining room window with Easter lilly

I switched the vase to the other room, to have the Easter lilly in there and found some Willow pussies for the other!

I love this book: The Book of Botanical Prints by Taschen

Two brass mushrooms from Anthropologie

One belongs to our dining room, the room where all the action takes place in our family.

Our dining room at 6pm
Every meal, writing, homework, all this and more happens at this dining table and many after dinner conversation.

Afternoon light streaming through the music room.

The other resides over the music room, where we, apart from making music, sit around the fireplace for conversation and reading. It is a cozy room, beloved also by the dog, who has had chosen the ottoman as 'his' central cozy spot early in his life with us!

Willow pussies slowly greening

Spring has given me yet another chance to bring out some Easter decorations, some of my glass collection and white vases, lucky finds at Marshall's, where I did not spend more then $10 each. I couldn't have passed such a chance now, could I? 

Early afternoon, the sun has moved on...

Willow Pussies in one, Easter Lilly in the other and the foundation for a new window display was created.

Glass bird, bunny and a moss ball sharing the space with the Easter lilly. 

There is an old ceramic bunny with carrot, which has been with us for as long as the kids have been around and sometimes he is joined by some paper mache ones, but they are still in their boxes...

Do you have a spot, where decorations and displays are changed regularly?
Please, do tell me!


  1. Hello Victoria:
    You really are so very creative and imaginative. We love the idea of your seasonally changing window sills and now, looking at this fascinating post, rather regret that our own do not have the depth to do something similar. And how splendid it is that the dining table is the focus for so much - the centre of the home. Could one wish for a better place?

    We send you our very best wishes for much joy this Eastertide.

    1. Jane and Lance, Thank you both for the lovely Easter wishes! I return them gladly!
      It is funny, my husband loves the displays and always notices the changes!
      He even brings sometimes flowers specially for the window! He says he loves to come home and to see all through the window!
      Makes him feel at home!

  2. I love your two spaces the vases are awesome...and the glass love it! I see them often and never know what to do with them and walk away...I like this display! I only have mantle to change seasonally....would love a window with that light!

    1. Thank you, liebe Frau!
      You know, I use these apothecary jars sometimes for potted plants, or dried ones, fill them with al kind f things, from shells to moss. Or just leave them empty. The light breaks so nice through them. Easter eggs or christmas ornaments, everything in large quantities looks usually good.

  3. Victoria,
    Beautiful how you embrace the seasons inside and out. In college, I worked for a large store in Visual Display and created props for storefront windows....and have many memories of bidding on projects and winning. I want to do more of this in my own home and studio....there is a strong visual connection for me to Spring. I firmly believe that it was from my family loving Spring and the renewal of fresh farm produce and gardening.
    My Grandmother Lizzie loved the green grass and would shake her head in awe of the delights of the season. My Mother has a Spring cast Iron Lamb that she made coconut cake for Easter. I love seasonal things that can be used inside and out.
    My husband bought a rabbit for the garden, he waits patiently ready to hop outside by the kitchen door. hop hop.....

    1. Dear Patricia, it is so nice what spring brings out of everybody!
      I can't wait to see, what the new studio will inspire in you.
      I love green as much as you do!
      A bunny, hmmm?
      I think all is ready for Easter at your home!

  4. Hello Victoria

    Your home is just beautiful and architecturally pleasing. Those windows are so special. Your collection is just beautiful and they would all make wonderful settings for still life paintings.
    A very Happy Easter. My mantle I change periodically and I buy fresh flowers weekly


    1. Helen, you are so sweet! Thank you! I love these windows and you are right, I also have often thought these are great still lives....
      Happy Easter to you too!


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