Saturday, April 28, 2012

Border drama

After the rain dramatic light

Well, I am not talking of any horrible conflict, but rather of the dramatic going-ons in our neighborhood, where colors wildly explode and blossoms compete...

It's, of course, a peaceful battle and the only weapons, I can see, are planting tools and the leaf blowers, although these, in my opinion, should be on the international banned list, for they create so much unnecessary noise.  Oh, how much I prefer a good old rake...

The dog pulled me in excited sniffing mode from one tree to the next, but I still had enough time to take in all the beauty around me and the realization of spring's enormous potency.

It is overwhelmingly pretty and I love to see nature's progress.

Some of the neighborhood beauties

It has been raining a lot last week, something I am grateful for, it had been too dry over the last months.

This should be my dream studio

 In summer and winter I absolutely adore that little garden house under the big tree!

Come on, next big stone ahead

I can't help but look at some of the pretties around while I am on my walk with our old boy...

American & Canadian flags greet us every day!

And finally we turn the corner - we are home!

May joyful colors greet you wherever you are and the battles are peaceful ones around you! Happy Sunday!

All images by V.Zlotkowski


  1. Hello Victoria:
    Such wonderful colour. Spring at its best, no doubt brought on by the recent rainfall which you have had. Lovely.

    1. Dear Jane and Lance, thank you so much, the world is indeed at it's most charming in spring....

  2. Victoria,
    Thank-you again for coming to my Open Studio tour. I am so grateful for your support and your positive energy. Your images are stunning and I hope that you will come and paint when can take a nosedive so to speak in your paint box and brush to canvas!
    Have a great Sunday!
    All those homes around you are just glorious. We must walk one day and dream.

    1. I am so glad it went all so well! Now with the studio official opened we shall create!

  3. Your yard is's amazing the pops of color everywhere! You guys are much farther along in the blooming process then us..maybe because we are so far North...I can't wait for my Lilacs to bloom! Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Liebste Frau, there are only a few images from my own garden, as I said, it's all around the neighborhood, where the drama unfolds....

  4. Lovely photos of your garden and neighborhood. Love the blue flowers...I think they are bulbs; do you know what they are called? They look great against the stone wall. Gardens always look good with some structure...And I absolutely agree, raking is so much nicer than a leaf blower!!! Happy gardening. Jennifer

    1. I believe they are Blue Camas (Camassia quamash) and another great spring bulb is the Starflower (Queen Fabiola).

  5. What a gorgeous neighborhood! And your garden is too beautiful. Have a delightful day, Kellie xx


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