Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Looking ahead to linen

The coming months always inspire for me the use of linen. I do love the slip covered look, although I shy away from it, since my household is still filled with kids going all over the place and a black dog, making things not easier. I can't stand smudges and stains, so I stick for a while longer to leather. And constant washing is also not economical, time- , green -and otherwise...But they are gorgeous!

Oh, maybe I want to reconsider...via

So I admire this from afar...

But as much as slipcovers I do love linen cloths! Summer says linen to me. There is a softness to it and an easy going spirit. I smell lavender and sun screen, sand between my toes and sunshine!

Wicker, linen and lavender....via

The wrinkles make them classy and the soft colors give me nothing but pleasure.

And I feel feminine and a little lazy and luxurious!

Oh, I can't wait to pull out a nice linen dress and feel a little like summer's queen...

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  1. I adore good linens. Your home would look lovely wearing a linen slip-cover! I also think Summer and Linen are synonymous.

    1. Maybe I do some small slip-cover project. Let's see. I do really love them!

  2. Hello Victoria:
    Yes, we know exactly what you mean about the perfect marriage that Summer and Linen make. To wear it is to love it and to decorate with it is a dream.

    We agree with you about the wonderfully casual look of Linen slip covers but we have recently had a daybed upholstered with black and white ticking and it does look stylishly tailored.

    1. Oh, I can imagine, do show it some time, please?! Will you?
      Happy Wednesday!

  3. I drool over linen slipcovers from afar too, but you'll find me wearing linen all throughout summer! I love the breezy, beautiful look, but also the comfort...there's nothing like it!

    1. Erin, I agree, I love to wear it too!
      Thank you....


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