Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday love

I happened to see these images by Victoria of sfgirlbybay
I believe these are of her own kitchen and I have to admit sometimes I am a little slow to react... I adore her style and should have long ago put her on my blog list of greatly admired bloggers.
She sums her style up perfectly: Bohemian modern. I love the easy decorating style, from vintage to modern and the lightness of white to unite most! Splashes of color, artwork and self made prettiness.
Her kitchen is absolutely lovely! Using black board paint for the sunny kitchen nook makes a great background for the sculptural pieces she uses in her seating area.

I wish I had an eat-in kitchen, to make a difference between cozy meals and a more formal affair. But alas, my dining room must cover it all...

So here it is:

New on my blog list! And please go, have a look! Her posts are always fun and so refreshing!

Have a happy Friday and a sunny weekend!

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  1. Hello Victoria:
    It all looks to be most interesting and we shall certainly, based on your recommendation, have a look at 'SF GIRL BY BAY'. But, at the risk of being perverse, which is not our intention, we should positively hate eating in the kitchen.

    Kellemes hétvégét!

    1. Dear Jane and Lance, I understand.... having a wonderful dining room ourselves, I fully get the necessity/beauty/style to eat there. But to be realistic, many a family have a great time eating around the kitchen table for the informal atmosphere and easiness of serving. (Don't frown) Especially with smaller children. I understand the importance to teach children the wonderful culture to sit around a lovely dining table in the dining room, but I feel there is a time for both! If you have ever had the situation of ushering two or more children at lunchtime on a Saturday, when permanent coming and goings to sports activities are the rule of thumb, there is no way of bringing them together around the dining table. The kitchen is the place to serve then. Even better to reunite at the dining table at dinner time!
      It would be different perhaps, if we all would still have a help in the kitchen, unfortunately this has stopped being customary for many families. Mine included!

  2. i love love love this and those pink chairs make my heart swell.

  3. Replies
    1. Makes me happy! Wonderful, you have great style...

  4. Dear Victoria .... those pink chairs are gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful Easter..
    best wishes
    Fran xx

  5. Frances, thank you for stopping by! Easter was lovely and yes, I am in love with the whole set up in this kitchen.

  6. I like the fabric color of the couch. It's just so playful. Keep it coming!


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