Friday, April 20, 2012

Stolen moments

I do not know about you, but sometimes I sneak in some stolen moments at a small cafe around the corner, which makes me feel like I am on vacation in France. I know, 
I am pushing it here...


I indulge in a delicious soy latte and unfold a magazine or two, just to browse and to get some inspirational juices flowing.
There is a seat across from me, so why don't you sit for a moment and have a peak?
Truthfully, I have no idea which magazines they are from, I guess Elle Decor, House and Home, House Beautiful?

Anyway, there is something about a white kitchen....

and patterned walls and a sofa with a pop of color....

And ... oh, should we try this perfume? It says here it's unisex (LOL), but I think there is no such thing, really?

And speaking of unisex.... this bedroom just appeals to me, very feminine/masculine

While this one is just girly, wouldn't you say?
And so happy!

Next magazine: Another gorgeous kitchen, in the city I adore??? Ohhhh...

Sorry, the light here.... this turned out pink, but its a lovely off white on white....

 Another glam bedroom! Three pillows....

But this one here is an killer amazing room! I absolutely love the moody feel of dark walls in a library, with the cozy seat.... and a silver ceiling? Get out! Sorry, a really bad photo, but you get the idea?

And this one? Can it get more elegant and fun? 
Turquoise, white and gold with a dash of red!!! 

Shhh, we are way to noisy, the patron over there gives us already the evil eye....
Are we done?
Let's just go home now and put to good use what we have learned here!!!


Au Revoir!
See you next week darling, have a splendid weekend!

All images via various current shelter magazines, sorry no exact source.


  1. Hello Victoria:
    We have so enjoyed our chat over a coffee in your favourite café. Indeed, it could only have been nicer if it had actually happened in the real rather than the virtual world.

    Now you have set all these delicious ideas buzzing around in our heads and it is our bedtime....we shall not sleep!!

    Jó hévégét!!

    1. I too wish one day we could sit together and chat over coffee.... Wouldn't that be fun?
      Until then I visit you @ Hattatt!

  2. Victoria,
    What fun to have a cozy corner nearby to escape to and to get lost in a frothy cappucinno and some lovely magazines. It is fun to dream and scheme up plans....
    Happy Weekend to you and yours.

    1. You and I shall do this soon! Have a great weekend dear friend!

  3. I wish we had a coffee shop like that nothing here in rural WNY except drive there Tim Horton's ! I love a white crisp! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh, maybe you should start one, the little coffee shop on the corner!
      I am sure this would be grand!
      Happy weekend to you too!

  4. Hello Victoria

    I loved your visit to the cafe and brownsing through your magazines. The library makes me want to linger awhile.

    Hope you have a wonderful week

  5. So you've got your stolen moments too... : )))


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